Life Support

Redox Point-of-Care Platform

Sensor technology that utilizes nanoporous gold electrodes integrated into a microfluidic device, to directly measure redox in whole blood at the patient’s bedside. The ability to directly and rapidly measure redox could help guide therapeutic interventions in a variety of patients.

By providing information to clinicians related to responsive drug delivery and responsiveness to resuscitation efforts, the Redox Point-of-Care Device can improve outcomes and reduce costs in TBI, Sepsis and other diseases

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Rodney Daniels, MD (PI)
Hakam Tiba, MD, MS (Co-I)
Brendan McCracken, MS

Systolic Target Assessment Tool (STAT)

A portable, non-invasive method of delivering continuous, accurate, and timely data on a patient’s systolic blood pressure. The Systolic Target Assessment Tool (STAT) combines pulse oximeter and blood pressure cuff data with a programmable algorithm to near-continuously monitor SBP.

STAT’s portability allows for innumerable applications in emergency departments, all ground/air ambulances, and out in the field (active combat, multi-casualty incidents, etc.)

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Kevin Ward, MD
Hakam Tiba, MD