Tiba Research Laboratory

We produce best-in-class, high-fidelity models of multi-system disease and injury including ARDS, sepsis, trauma, cardiac arrest, and traumatic brain injury.

We utilize our models for basic science, translational science, and reverse translation of existing clinical practices.

These models are available for integrated projects ranging from exploring the basic pathophysiology of critical illness and injury to developing new diagnostics, therapeutics, devices, and digital health solutions ready for clinical testing in critical care.

Our lab is also equipped with state-of-the-art high resolution physiologic and metabolic monitoring and analytic equipment which provides for unique “physiomic” monitoring, tissue banking and analysis for preclinical research.

Why collaborate with us? We can...

  • Support your project with the expertise of our highly qualified and trained personnel—doctoral researchers, veterinarians, veterinarian residents and technicians—several of whom serve on the U-M IACUC and other institutional committees related to animal care and use

  • Provide advice and assistance with all aspects of protocol development and IACUC submission (writing, statistical procedures, power analysis, etc.)

  • Provide technical and hands-on assistance with experimental procedures (anesthesia, surgery, data collection and storing, blood and tissue sampling and recovery) and statistical analysis

  • Assist with regulatory requirements

  • Assist with data analysis and reporting

  • Provide technical training and educational sessions

“The Tiba Research Laboratory is a critical asset for translational researchers like me. Our models of critical illness faithfully recapitulate human disease: physiologically, radiographically, immunologically, and histologically."

Robert Dickson, MD

Pulmonary and Critical Care MedicineAssociate Director, MCIRCC